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All Products of OBK and materials are made in Japan.
Why we are particular about MADE IN JAPAN is to keep on responding market need around the world. Each country has different road condition and climate because of that we supply high quality springs which can be used in any environment.


OBK’s comprehensive catalog deals with many Japanese cars.

We have a lot of data of vehicles and the part number keep on increasing. We are trusted for a long time as many achievements to supply for overseas. C4 is currently published up to Volume 7.
A new brand has just launched by OBK to respond to the voices of customers around the world. It is called C568. Unlike the C4 catalog is mainly on Japanese cars, C568 is a worldwide catalog for focusing on European cars. Data is collected every day and the electronic catalog is updated any time.
It is OBK’s catalog of sports springs for Japanese cars and keeps on supplying to Japanese domestic market. It has an achievement and confidence. It consists of lowering and reinforced springs.
It is a catalog of inch up springs for 4WD type of Japanese cars. Recently offers from overseas as well as from Japan have been increasing. It supports both on-road and off-road. Additionally it is used for driving on rough roads and rally competitions.
This is a spring catalog dedicated to coil over for focusing on motor sports. It is used in car races, dirt trials, and drift competitions. There are variety of types, lined up by height, inner diameter, and spring rate.